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See inside the urban dystopia of New Scunthorpe by Brett Buckle

Set in the urban dystopia of New Scunthorpe, THE ROACH is an ongoing indie comic series that follows the stupefying misadventures of a distinctly unmotivated anti hero Roach, as he navigates a planet ruled by corporate greed, bent cops and crooked politicians…with the odd giant sex crazed ferret thrown into the mix.

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Off the easel - Read about Yolande Henebery's creation of her lovely Matador Mule

The horse in the forefront is created using silvers and is juxtaposition against the donkey with a background of wrapping paper I found in Portugal a couple of years ago. It seemed to just go really well, with a pattern of dancers and red, yellow and blue symbols.

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Hello from Auntie G at 212 Productions

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