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Jemal is a full-time professional artist. He currently lives and works in UK, Prague and Georgia. He paints everything that catches his eye and imagination: landscapes, places, streets, still life, people, portraits, abstract and female forms. This variety is an influence of his academical education which he combines with contemporary vision. His art reflects his mood and a spontaneous outpouring of emotions. “This magical process is very exciting”, says the artist. When the painting is finished it will live its own mysterious life and lives forever, passing through the years. Jemal does not talk much about his work and does not like to write long descriptions. He communicates with people using a brush, palette knife, canvas and deep oil colours. Jemal’s philosophy of life is harmony, purity, deep reflection, beauty, contemplation, reserve and simplicity of existence. He believes that art is a fuel for innovation, and exists for the development of humanity. He hopes that his audience can see it in his paintings and share the same experience.