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It’s All 2 Much art gallery is an independent art organisation based in Bristol. We promote original work by local artists, including painting, sculpture and photography, both in our own exhibition space and in other selected spaces accessible to the public. This is achieved through artist residencies, themed installations, participatory events and art fairs as well as online through our website. Our aim is to complement the other galleries in the area by showing works that are interestingly different but that would not be classified necessarily as any particular style such as, for example, underground or street art.

It is our policy to exhibit and sell work that originates within the UK and especially Bristol and surrounding areas of North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and South Wales. We sell both on a commission basis (sale or return) and, where appropriate, buy for resale. The front space is dedicated to works of our current guest and in-house artists while to the rear of the premises we show one-off items of up and coming artists as well as using the space as a workshop where visitors may observe an artist at work. Guest artists are invited at the discretion of the gallery team. If you wish to be considered as a guest artist, please contact to introduce yourself. You should attach at least 4 images of your recent work, a brief biography and an artist’s statement or alternatively provide a link to a website where this information can be found.

You can find us at 124 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5RW…